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November 10th, 2017 at 6:17 pm

Hello! So I decided to go with a domain and hosting. Still a work in progress but I have accomplished quite a bit. Yes it is a lot of PURPLE lol (I do love purple). I decided to keep my old base sets and tubes on my old site which I will keep up. Today I have added Rupert Reindeer tubes 🙂 Be sure to like me on FACEBOOK because I sometimes give away tubes and you can stay updated. Thanks so much for coming by xo

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  1. Sicara shares:

    It looks great hon! I like purple too 😁

  2. Heather shares:

    Thank you so much ^.^

  3. Izzie shares:

    Hey there, Heather! Congratulations on the new domain! Love your pixel work; everything is so delightfully detailed and adorable. I, too, like purple; it’s such a whimsical color. Lovely work!

  4. Heather shares:

    Thanks for coming by, yes a very whimsical colour =) So happy to have a domain again!! I just popped over to your site Izzie and my jaw dropped! LOL
    Your work is amazing. You are very talented! =)

  5. Eunice shares:

    Purple is my favourite colour! I love the new look. Congratulations on the new domain.

  6. Heather shares:

    Thank you so much Eunice! =)

  7. inger shares:

    Hi heather…please do some sweeties again like the reideers..as ex. pigs to valentine..sweet animals 🙂

  8. Heather shares:

    Hi Inger I will be working on some cuties very soon thanks for coming <3

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