All of my work is copyright to me  © Faery Pixels 2003-2018. I have the right to deny any sales if my terms are not being met. If you have any questions you can contact me anytime at faerypixels@gmail.com


Give credit where credit is due! I have seen so many times my work being used and no credit for me the base maker. All of my work must have a direct link back here, so others may enjoy my work too. 

Purchaseware Sets ~ All base sets are created by me and I still retain the original © to them. You can’t resell them as they are. You must color them and add to them, be creative. Credit must be given to me at all times. You may make minor adjustments to make things fit better or change eye color/skin color etc. YES you may tube them but the bodies must not be sold “naked”. You are NOT allowed to add my sets as they are to your members area.

Linkware Sets ~ These are free sets for you to make goodies with sigtags/gifts etc etc. You must link back to me when using my graphics. You are not allowed to make a profit from my linkware as I am giving them to you for free use. You can not tube the linkware and add it to your members area or resell them.

Sigtags ~ Any sigtags purchased must be linked back to me. Do not edit the graphic in any way.

Adoptables~ Must be linked back to me so others can find them to adopt as well. I have provided a banner on the adoptables page for you to do so.